Import handling

Fast in – speed and quality are the result of a perfect combination of fine tuning of details, teamwork and the best possible coordination of all processes. The aim of our innovations and individualized services is to simplify import processes and thus deliver airfreight faster to its destination.

Even before landing of the imported goods we have it monitored already as manifestation data has been loaded electronically in our system. Simultaneously, it is being registered with the customs system ATLAS.
We are able to offer guaranteed transfer times for import freight due to streamlined processes. A standard transfer e.g. takes four hours after notification by the customer. If needed, we handle freight within a period of two hours as a so-called “quick transfer”.

Our services

  • Preliminary customs check in accordance with requirements
  • Input of import customs documentation into ATLAS-System
  • Handling and storage of customs shipments in our own customs warehouse
  • We are approved recipients and issue incoming receipts
  • We are approved to issue dispatch notes for further shipment of your freight
  • We gladly transfer customs shipments to our undefinedbonded warehouse after a storage period of 20 days

All data is transferred electronically into the customs system ATLAS. This is the official procedure of your shipment and goods can be cleared by customs straight away. Our undefinedCustomer Service Center answers your queries regarding imports and handles them professionally. If you wish to receive information about the tracing status of your shipment our employees will be pleased to assist you.

Truck dock for whole units

We take over loading units at the aircraft and transport them directly to our truck dock. There units are loaded onto trucks via four ramps for further transport.  All necessary documentation is prepared by us at the same time.

Our truck dock is located directly at the apron next to our terminals and open 24 hours. Up to 40 aircraft units can be handled here per hour.

Fast in, fast out

This is a promise our more than 600 well-trained employees live 24h daily, all year round. Thanks to a low rate of staff fluctuation our customers benefit from the high level of know-how, which we keep up-to-date with continuous trainings. Our staff is known for their ability to coordinate pallets and containers to their best use. This results in a high loading factor which offers an immense competitive advantage to our customers.