Perishables and other goods

As full service provider we will answer to all your freight requirements, no matter how unusual they might be. Even if a certain category is not part of the wide range we offer, we will act as general handling agent and oversee transport to the respective special storage facility. This means that our customers can offer integrated logistic solutions for effective delivery and storage.

Temperature-sensitive shipments like pharmaceuticals, or other goods that need to be cooled always present a challenge to a logistic service company. We offer special cooling and freezing rooms for storage, also for pharmaceuticals according to the strict regulations of the pharmaceutical industry between +2 and +8 or +15 to 25 degrees centigrade.

We offer the complete range of handling of perishable goods, such as documentation, handling and EU quality control ("point of first entry") in cooperation with the undefinedPerishable Center Frankfurt (PCF) on the same premises. Annually, 100,000 tons of airfreight as well as up to 50,000 tons of truck loads are handled here.

The closed cooling circuit this high tech organization with its direct link to apron and road offers, fulfills everything that is necessary for product storage and handling. Twenty different climate zones can be regulated electronically according to requirements, to temperatures between -24° C and +24°C. About 200 temperature control sensors, 86 cameras and ethylene suction ensure transfer conditions that are adequate for the products. Especially trained employees are working for that 365 days every year around the clock.

Our services for other goods

  • undefinedhazardous goods
  • handling of hazardous goods of all classifications (1- 9) including radioactive freight

  • sensitive consignments
  • handling of sensitive and valuable freight such as banknotes and bonds as well as consignments liable for theft such as electronic equipment

  • urgent freight
  • handling of last minute freight of your top customers

  • animals
  • We manage and control documentation of your animal consignments via the Frankfurt Animal Lounge.